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Project Aeon, Book 1

Sharyn Moran joined the Rangers to save innocent lives. Her personal vow is to never see another broken child in the ERCA Territories again. When she is caught stealing a bike on her newest mission, she’s sure she is about to turned over to her enemies. Surprisingly, the stranger offers to help her, but after an accident in the desert, they end up at his isolated home with his family.

It’s clear that Ren and his brothers are hiding from something and, more than most, Sharyn knows how hard it is to keep secrets. She senses that the brothers and their father have all been through a terrible ordeal, but hesitates to invade their precious privacy. However, the longer she is with them, the more she begins to care about them. She begins to imagine a life with Ren, even if it can only be an impossible dream.

When Sharyn and Ren get sighted together through facial recognition, Ren’s enemies know exactly how to flush out their quarry. They will kidnap, murder, and torture their way across the galaxy in order to accomplish their final goal. Ren knows the only way to stop them is to face what he is…what he was….and what he might become….in order to save Sharyn and the rest of the galaxy from the rising tide of death and destruction in their wake.


Publisher: Kgruppe LLC-Challis Tower / Length: Novel / ISBN: 978-0-9875441-4-8 / (Amazon) ASIN: B06XQ54419 / Cover Artwork: David Snodgrass and Camilo Aldana / Cover Design: Challis Tower / RELEASED: March 2017
Tags: Takamo, Role-playing, MMORPG, Tie-in, Space opera, Empire, Romance, SFR, Cyborgs, Brothers, Female heroine, Truppen


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Details :
  • Author : Challis Tower
  • Category : SF Romance, Takamo Universe
  • Date : 15 February, 2017
  • Tags : Brothers Cyborgs Empire Female heroine MMORPG Role-playing Romance SFR Space Opera Takamo Tie-in Truppen