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Alshandiel Dolrahn wants a new life away from the suffocating world of Qolar. But will the Diplomatic Corps be her salvation or undoing?

“They like them young, smart and on the run.”

Alshandiel feels suffocated by her home planet of Qolar. She finds her fellow Qolari narrow-minded and xenophobic, and the caste system that governs her world rigid and stifling. She is looking for a way out.

The notorious Department of Other Matters deals with things the average Qolari doesn’t want to know about–most notably, the rest of the galaxy.

It sounds only natural that Alshandiel would consider a career within the casteless, outward-looking Department. but DOM holds its own secrets. And, once it has you, it never lets go.

Series: Qolari Diplomatic Corps #1
Publisher: Challis Tower / Length: Novel / ISBN:978-0-9875440-3-2 / (Amazon) ASIN: B00JONLPBM / Cover Artwork: Challis Tower / UPDATED: April 2015

Tags: Space opera, Noir, Assassin, Gritty SF, Female Protagonist, Fusion, Stellar Empires, Humanoid Aliens, Politics



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Details :
  • Author : Challis Tower
  • Category : Ebook, Science Fiction
  • Date : 20 September, 2016
  • Tags : Assassin Female Protagonist Fusion Gritty SF Humanoid Aliens Noir Politics Space Opera Stellar Empires