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Why hello there!

Hi and welcome to Challis Tower, run by the same team that brings you Sandal Press, a boutique genre micropress based in tropical Malaysia.

We had a few reasons to start up Challis Tower, the main one being the phasing out of Sandal Press. Why was that?

1. It didn’t adequately reflect our vision at the time.

2. The icon was more than a little cryptic.

3. We felt like a change.

So we came up with “Challis Tower”. “Challis”, by the way, is a type of glossless silk and everyone knows what a “tower” is. We also decided to go for broke with our main logo, as both J and I play a lot of card games. As modern design moves more to simple, flat shapes, we felt the need to go in the opposite direction. Typical.

Has anything else changed? Not really. We’ll still have multi-iteration edit cycles, bare-format hand-coding, reasonable prices and a reliance on quality over quantity. The site’s a bit bare at the moment but, bear with us, and you should see it fill up quite nicely over the next year, especially as we transfer all our titles over from the (now) old Sandal Press site.

Oh, and we hope to blog more often, but we’ll see how that resolution turns out. Welcome to the site and welcome to our journey. We hope you enjoy your time here.

Kaz, J & Sausage


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