A boutique genre publisher since 2011, specialising in all flavours of speculative!

The Challis Tower Team

We love books and reading and take our jobs very seriously...well, maybe not the dog, but the rest of us do!

KS “Kaz” Augustin


Owner of Challis Tower and writer with more than thirty years of experience. Wow, that’s really dating, but it’s true. Kaz has degrees in several fields and loves girly stuff like cooking, knitting and making soap. She also adores English bull terriers!

    “J” Augustin

    Owner & Chief Administration Officer

    J has the unenviable task of handling all ebook formatting and distribution. He, too, has several degrees and likes nothing better than discussing politics over copious quantities of alcohol. He loves living in south-east Asia and, when not typing furiously at his keyboard, can be found in the kitchen doing African stir-fries or making a mean Chicken Bryiani.

      “The Wast”

      Technical Consultant

      Son and heir to the Augustin mortgage, TW is earnest and conscientious. During the day he’s a student but at night he turns into…a student doing his homework. When we have too much work on our plate, TW is our go-to guy to pick up the slack. In between assignments and essays, of course.

        “Little Dinosaur”

        Social Media Coordinator

        Daughter and the other heir to the Augustin mortgage, LD spends so much time online, we thought we had better start making it work in our favour. Thus, the position of Social Media Coordinator was born. LD is an avid artist who is also a bright and enthusiastic student, although she still has to work on those darned sentence fragments in English.


          Garbage Disposal & Morale Officer

          The most entertaining and demanding member of our team, there hasn’t been a food item yet created thatĀ Sausage doesn’t like. She keeps us sane when the work starts piling up, incessantly badgers us for snacksĀ and, in true Bull Terrier fashion, thinks she’s human. She’s our “Forever Toddler”.